Our Vision

To be a healthcare destination where high-end technology and medical expertise blend with compassionate and personalized care, to fulfill the health needs of all our patients.

Why Choose Us


 A typical patient can expect a much shorter total procedure time due to advanced technology and a seamless patient flow process.


Individualized care

We provide exceptional, world-class care from the moment you arrive up until discharge. The goal is to make you comfortable and well-informed during your time with us in the laboratory, pharmacy or any other of our departments in Kampala


State of the art medical technology

We are proud to offer quality care using specialized equipment and advanced technology for MRI diagnostics and radiology in a safe family-friendly environment.

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Ruby Medical Center Staff

Social Responsibility

Ruby Medical Center is committed to serving and giving back to the community through various activities such as disease awareness and sensitization campaigns, free screening programs, and patient treatments.




Ruby provides compassionate and holistic high-quality evidence-based surgical care services whilst using new-age facilities and technology.